Creativity {Get The Wisdom, Knowledge, Skill and Ability Needed To Get The Job Done}

There was a job to do. Not just any job, but one that would entail all the details in building a tabernacle that would house the Presence of God. Imagine that. A God who cannot be contained, willing to be housed within the parameters of a tabernacle- simply to be near His chosen people. Men with skills and abilities, given by God, were called. […]

{Creativity} The Gift That Forms A Bond

If you’re new to the blog and want to find out more about the {Live Life Fully Committed Challenge}  click {here} * * * I was a single, 22-year-old momma to a then 4-year-old son. My (now) husband, was a 22-year-old papa to a then, 5-year-old son. About two years later we were married. Together, we have […]

{‘See’… God’s love and creativity}

I’m {In Pursuit} of all the beauty around me. {In Pursuit} of the amazing displays of God’s love and creativity. It’s amazing what we miss because we fail to truly ‘see’. Like this piece my husband wood-burned years ago. I’ve seen it so many times. How different it looks when I truly ‘see’ what’s in […]