They Lacked Confidence, They Didn’t Trust God, and They Didn’t Believe It Existed

“Mom, I just don’t get it!” My 6-year-old old was dumbfounded. She just didn’t understand. It didn’t make sense to her. “Mom, why would God’s people leave Egypt to go to the Promised Land and then want to go back? Why would they go forward and then want to go backwards?” I looked at her […]

Digging Beneath The Surface {That’s Where It’s At!}

It’s funny, isn’t it? You know, how when you think you understand something, God takes you to a whole different level. I’m not talking about ascending into the heavens, higher and higher, kind of level. Instead, it’s bending lower and lower, understanding that our knowledge and wisdom is so unsophisticated and basic next to the […]

The Hard Part {Getting Real}

This year, I asked you to join me on a challenge to {Live Life –with a heart- Fully Committed (to God)}. It’s 2 Chronicles 16:9 (2C16:9) kind of living; we chase hard after God and He strengthens us for the task at hand. See, I know what it’s like to work hard and get nowhere. […]

Check Your Emotions {& Worship Anyway!}

Just like you, I am on a journey. An amazing adventure, written by God long before I was a thought in my mother’s mind. I have two options. I can either stand on the sidelines and watch, or I can show up and play the role assigned to me. I’m showing up! How about you? […]


There’s been a quietness in my spirit lately. My soul is quiet. I’ve learned in the last years that this silence is not an indication of things going downhill. It’s not depression. It’s not anxiety. It’s not worry. Instead, it is a quietness causing me to look deeper. To listen with more intent. It’s a […]