Gifts of Hope {What’s In Your Sparkle Box?}

The Sparkle Box… so simple, yet life changing. It still amazes me that a cardboard box, from the Dollar Store, could turn a stale and wearisome holiday into an oh-so-holy-night.  Last December, my husband found out he would be laid off in January. All of a sudden the anxieties of the season were traded in for […]

{A Revolution of Generosity… Our Gift To Jesus!}

Christmas time came. And one of my favorite parts about it was our Sparkle Box. Although we’ve never read the book, the concept went perfectly with what my husband and I already had in our hearts. This Christmas was going to be {A Different Kind Of Christmas}. We just didn’t know how it would play out. […]

Jesus Works Miracles {With My 2 Small Fish and 5 Little Loaves!}

{The doorbell rang in the early afternoon, which is unusual. My daughter ran to hide. She always runs to hide so that she can surprise her daddy or her brothers when they walk in through the door. But this time it wasn’t daddy and it wasn’t brother. Actually, there was no one standing there when […]

{Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours!}

December came around and the Christmas tree went up. One by one, glittered ornaments in all colors and sizes turned an artificial christmas tree into a beautiful piece in our living room. Yet still, the pressure and the shallowness of it all stung me. I want a different kind of Christmas.   The kind that doesn’t […]

{Week 6: Journey to Financial Freedom- Giving}

It Monday!!! And if you’ve been around here long enough you know that I LOVE ME SOME MONDAYS!!! I cannot say it enough, Mondays give me a blank slate. What did not work in previous weeks gets modified, tweaked, or thrown out the window. One thing’s for sure, things are always changing for the better […]