Build Your Children’s Library {How To Save Over 93% On Books}

Building your children’s library doesn’t have to cost you your vacation fund. Here’s how I bought $346.00 worth of books for less than $20. That’s right, a savings of over 93%. I couldn’t be happier. Know What You’re Looking For In order to get the best deals, know what you’re looking for. The Complete Tales […]

{Our Homeschooling Journey}

As you may have read here on {In Pursuit}, one of the major changes in our home has been the decision to homeschool. Although, not everybody is interested in this way of educating their children, it’s a part of our journey so I thought I’d share. faith{Academy} (that’s what we’ve named our ‘school’) has been […]

{Teaching Kids To Read}

When I first considered the idea of homeschooling my daughter, I went into panic mode every time I thought about this simple fact: I would have to teach her to read. I mean, really- where do you start? I heard so much about the changes that were made by schools in previous years regarding sight […]

{Organization: Where do I start?}

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Attributed to Ben Franklin This past weekend I had the privilege of hearing Vicki Bentley speak at the Christian Homeschooling Association of Pennsylvania’s (CHAP)  annual convention. Her session ORGANIZED: Well, almost (Time Management for Busy Moms) caught my attention because Mrs. Bentley is mother to eight […]

{Learning Addition: Dice Game}

Good morning ya’ll. I am so excited to have you with us today. Today we have a guest post from the {The Collazo Family Journal}.  Part of homeschooling requires that I show a portfolio of what my daughter has been learning throughout the year. I figured this would be a great way to update you […]

{Learning My Letters}

Some of you were interested in finding out how Chai’anne (my daughter) learns her letters. Here’s a glimpse at ‘learning time’ in our house. First We begin with prayer and reading on the {READING COUCH}. It’s just a simple couch, but to Chai’anne, it’s the {READING COUCH}. The moment I say, “ok Chai’, it’s school […]

{Teaching Preschoolers Their Numbers}

Teaching your children their numbers does not have to be difficult or even boring. Help them learn their numbers by turning it into a matching game. Here’s how you can do it for $2.00… Items Needed Index cards (these can be purchased at any dollar store for $1 each) Sticker book with small stickers (these […]