{Choose Joy} Dwell On The Promises of God (& Free Printable)

I have tried to search for words to explain what is going on inside of me right now. But I can’t find anything more substantial than, “I am so excited!”. It’s difficult to put into the words the way the Spirit of God moves and satisfies. It’s difficult to explain the way one can actually […]

{Week 6: Journey to Financial Freedom- Giving}

It Monday!!! And if you’ve been around here long enough you know that I LOVE ME SOME MONDAYS!!! I cannot say it enough, Mondays give me a blank slate. What did not work in previous weeks gets modified, tweaked, or thrown out the window. One thing’s for sure, things are always changing for the better […]

{Week 5: Journey to Financial Freedom- Honesty}

It Monday!!! Yay! I love Mondays! There’s nothing better than a blank slate, a fresh start, a new beginning. Mondays are just that! They give you the opportunity to start a new week and you have the chance to do things differently than you did last week. This week, you can make the right choices. […]

{Week 4: Journey to Financial Freedom- Counsel}

Hey ya’ll, I am so glad you stopped by today! We are {In Pursuit} of Financial Freedom and this is where it all begins… in God’s word. We’ve been going through the Crown Biblical Financial Study(usually on Mondays). I must say, there is so much in there, I’ve pretty much had to condense it. I […]

{Week 3: Journey to Financial Freedom- The Envelope System}

Good morning, ya’ll!!! I am so glad you stopped by today. We usually do our  Crown Biblical Financial Study on Monday’s but due to some technical difficulties, it was moved to Tuesday this week. So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear a trick that has the potential to drastically change your financial situation… […]

{Week 3: God’s Solution To Debt– GIVE! }

It’s Monday….and we are still on our most amazing journey towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!! Doesn’t that sound lovely? I mean really… say it with me…. D-E-B-T F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!!!! I don’t know about you, but for me- having this study on Mondays (especially during the Christmas season) grounds me to reality. It helps me to shift my focus […]

{Week 3: Testimony, $10,000 and a car!}

It’s Monday….And I know you are probably tired of hearing me say this but, I LOVE MONDAYS!!!!! Mondays remind me that we are starting over. We have a blank slate. I filled myself up with God’s Word and promises on Sunday and Monday gives me a brand new opportunity to walk in that Word. I […]

{Week 3: Journey to Financial Freedom, Do Something!}

It’s Monday…. you know what that means don’t ‘ya? We are {In Pursuit} of Financial Freedom. D-Day (Debt Free Day) is no longer just an illusion, it is our destination!!!! So are you ready for some more? Great, then let’s jump right in… We are still on Week 3: DEBT…  there’s just so much to […]

{Week 3: Journey to Financial Freedom, The Snowball Effect}

It’s Monday…. the best day of the week (other than Sunday, I love me some Worship Time in the House of God!!!)… so why is it the best day? Come on, if you’ve stuck around with me long enough, you’d know that Mondays are the days when we go deeper into our financial mess in […]

{Week 3: Journey to Financial Freedom, Debt Repayment}

It’s Monday and you know what that means… Week 3: Journey to Financial Freedom continues!!!! How awesome is that? Okay, okay… so you’re probably not so excited, especially after creating your Debt List last week. But let me encourage you by saying that—–> facing the problem is just the beginning of it! Last week we […]