{Teaching Kids To Clean Their Room}

Teaching children to clean up after themselves is a necessary skill. It teaches them cleanliness, organization, stewardship of their stuff, and responsibility. It is definitely a skill which should not be overlooked. A little effort and patience on your part today will impact your child for the rest of their life. Now, don’t go assuming […]

{Organizing Toys and Artwork, Part 1}

Good morning, ya’ll!!!! I am so excited you decided to stop by today! It is always such a treat to get to chat with you and share some of the ideas that have help to transform the face of our home and our lives period. You’re probably wondering how a {Junk drawer egg crate}, a […]

{Organizing Small Spaces: Clothes}

Today we have a guest post from “The {Collazo} Family Journal”. Feel free to check it out any time for {Homeschooling Ideas and Information}. Hi!!! I am so glad you stopped by today. I want to show you that where there is a will, there is a way! On previous posts on my {In Pursuit} […]

{Teaching Older Kids Responsibility}

Previously I shared with you how I am teaching my 4 year old daughter responsibility (if you missed it, click {here}). I’ve got to say, it really is an ongoing process when they are so young. They just don’t understand the importance of picking up and taking care of their responsibilities. It does take a […]

{Helping Children Learn Responsibility}

I’ve heard from several young mothers the same theme in their household when it comes to their children… “I have to say the same thing over and over and they do not listen. They just cannot handle their daily responsibilities without someone being on them all the time!” Man-oh-man does that sound familiar in my […]