{11,315 Days…}

{Life In Poetry} I’m exhausted. There’s not a drop of strength left in my weary, sleep-deprived body. Day in and day out, I work. I move. I show up. It was day and it was evening- on the 11,315th day of my life. Minutes have turned into hours, Hours have ticked away, turning into days. […]

{How Much Do You Love Yourself?}

It’s difficult to walk in God’s purpose for your life when you’re busy condemning yourself and wallowing in guilt, shame, insecurity, fear, doubt, anxiety and the like. It’s hard to walk in the assignment God has for your life when you haven’t yet forgiven yourself for past mistakes and failures. This was the case for […]

{In Pursuit Of An Adventure}

I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by today. I don’t take it lightly that you’re investing some of your precious time here on {In Pursuit}. And so today, allow me a couple minutes to share with you my heart… If you’re anything like me, then you’re a true romantic at heart. As a little […]

{Love Is In The Air…}

Love is in the air… can you feel it? Does it fill you with butterflies? Does it put a smile on your face? Does it make you laugh all by yourself? Or does it make you want to gag? Allow me to make a proposition. What if you got excited about your relationships again? What […]