{Homemaker: It’s Part Of God’s Design}

In my Pursuit to live the abundant life God has for me, I am now 100% sure that this involves learning to manage my home. I’ve shared before that this does not come natural to me. For many years, I saw myself in the corporate office climbing up the ladder of success. Marriage and home […]

{Plan Breakfast For A Month: $26.00}

I cannot stress enough the difference that planning meals makes in our homes. I’ve tested this out and I think I found a tool that I will play around with until I’ve got it ‘just right’! Writing out a meal plan saves me so much time and money… Here’s an example: {Breakfast Schedule} I sat […]

{Meal Plan Anyone?}

One of the goals here at the {Collazo} family household is creating a {Meal Plan}. Some people think this is boring. They simply want to eat whatever they’re in the mood for, when they’re in the mood for it. Well, that sounds good and all, but when you trying to stay within a budget, and […]