Take One Step Forward. Cultivate Your Land.

Years ago I was intimidated by the idea of creating a beautiful space to call home. It was my desire, but I just didn’t know how. This was especially challenging as we went through difficult and financially trying times, including over 7 layoffs. Seriously?! Some people don’t experience that many layoffs in a lifetime, let alone in 10 years.

However, after our house fire in 2010 I refused to come back to our home with the same attitude. God was doing a new thing and that new thing was going to reflect in all that pertained to me…including my home. These years have taught me to look around and find beauty and goodness wherever I am. It’s forced me to look beyond what’s “in style” and what others deem appropriate and necessary. It’s forced me to be creative, intentional, and to take what I have and make it the best I know how to.

It seems this simple process, over time, yields growth. In it you learn. You grow. You try new things. You gain new skills. You learn to make something out of nothing.

My challenge for you today… find one area in your home or in your life that you see needs cultivating. Then take one step towards order. One step towards beauty. One step towards truth. One step towards goodness. You’ll be amazed at the way your atmosphere changes and you’ll begin to enjoy what God has so generously given to you.  

Go on. Take one step forward. Cultivate your land.

© 2016 Darlene Collazo | {In Pursuit} My Quest

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