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Every morning before our learning time, my kids and I take time to have devotional time. My daughter already knows that ‘God’ comes first and she always brings me her Bible. Well, life happens, things need to get done, and I found myself (more and more) rushing through the process with them.

It’s almost as though I were going through a checklist in my head of what needed to get done. I was convicted in this. I realized that everything else can wait. My goal, as a godly mother, should not be to get my checklist done. My goal should be to raise up godly children who are well versed in God’s word. Children who will have the weapons necessary when it’s their turn to carry a family.


And so, after much thinking and researching different bible curriculum, I found that I really liked the idea of Notebooking. Now I’m not a professional at this, in the least. However, the way we have used this and plan to continue using this, is by reading through the Bible story, then having the children go back and draw something they learned. Taking this time to draw the story out, not only helps build their creativity, but they also memorize the story better.

Once their done with their drawing, they must write at the bottom a sentence or two telling about their drawing.

We did this the other day and laughed at the drawings. My older son was able to do this on his own. My 5 year old drew her picture but I wrote her caption. It was a lot of fun.

With Easter having just passed and my kids hearing the Resurrection story over and over, I thought it would be great to take them through the book of Acts. So far, we’ve done

The Believers Share Life Together. Here my daughter drew Jesus on the cross and then a table with food on it. Her caption of the story was, “Lady getting food for the other people because God is in her heart. She wants to share all her food and she loves God.”


An Angel Helps Peter Escape From Prison. I realized it would be a lot neater if I printed a quick template for this. So the next day we learned about Peter. Her caption for her picture was “4 girls and Peter preaching in the church”.


And today we’ll be doing Saul Becomes A Believer.

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The Believers Share Life Together

An Angel Helps Peter Escape

Saul Becomes A Believer

Have fun. Enjoy. And know that you are investing in your children’s future!

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