That Jumbled Mess You’re Looking At Is Really A Masterpiece!

You bought the puzzle because the picture on the box looked amazing. It was beautiful. Looking at the corner of the box cover, you read 1000 pieces. You weren’t discouraged, though. You knew what the outcome would be and you were okay with the work required to get there.

Until you opened the box, of course. All those pieces jumbled in front of you were overwhelming. You knew the picture was supposed to look like the one displayed on the box, but where do you start? All you’ve got are a 1000 scrambled pieces. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea after all. Maybe quitting would be a better option. It would surely save you some time, right?

You take another glance at the picture on the box.

“Maybe I can find the corners and the edges…”

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The Challenge

We’ve embarked on a journey to {Live Life -with a heart- Fully Committed} to God. How’s it going for you? 

Yeah, me too!

I began this year with an idea of what this challenge was going to look like. I wanted to break down the different compartments of my life, such as Spiritual Growth, Marriage, Parenting, Serving, Finances, etc. I wanted to take an honest look at them and see where I’ve lived life half-heartedly and sloppily. 

I thought dividing these compartments would help make sense of things. I was so sure I had a great plan.

Not Quite What I Had In Mind

Until, the Lord showed me different. Walking me through scripture, I found the issues, which keep us from {Living Life -with a heart- Fully Committed} to God, go beyond the different categories of life. These issues are part of our innermost being, our heart; and they include our thoughts, passions, desires, affections, appetites, purposes, and endeavors.

It is here, in my inner man, where I am challenged in my pursuit of God. It is here out of which everything flows- the seat of my will and emotions. Everything spills from the very center of my being affecting my spiritual growth, my marriage, my parenting, my serving, my finances, and every other part of my outer life.

In my challenge  to live a 2 Chronicles 16:9 life, I found that everything on the outside is merely a reflection or a byproduct of what’s going on in the inside. It would take much more than an organized home and an investment in my marriage and parenting. It would require digging deep into those areas that move me (and sometimes keep me at a standstill).

Finding The Edges

Just as with our 1000-piece puzzle, I am sitting at the table.

God and I.

We’re looking for the corners. We’re looking for all the edges. If I can find the pieces that frame the picture, I can slowly piece together the parts that make up the picture itself.

God and I.

We’re sorting through thoughts, passions, desires, affections, appetites, purposes, and endeavors. 

As I grab each piece, I look to him for reassurance. He smiles. He knows exactly how each piece fits together. When we’re done, I am sure my puzzle-pieces-come-together will look just the way it was intended to. With God leading and guiding, I’m in no rush. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

One piece of the puzzle at a time, until the last piece is put in its place turning that jumbled mess into a masterpiece.

Question: Are you attempting to deal with life, as a whole? Or do you compartmentalize things in an effort to find order? Leave me a comment below, or on my Facebook page. I would love to hear how this looks for you!

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