The Hope-Way

Ever had so much in your heart, it’s best to just remain quiet? Yeah, that’s where I’m at now. Sharing encouragement is easy, especially when you have a Book filled to the brim with Hope-words.


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Here’s the thing, people aren’t so much interested in Hope-words as they are in Hope-ways. I mean, the messages sound good and all but how do they work themselves out in our every-day-ordinary… or maybe every-day-chaotic?

Whether on the comfortable couch of my warm living room, or on a hard, super uncomfortable couch/bed in the hospital an hour and a half from my home… I need Hope-words to lead me to Hope-ways. Otherwise, I’m in jeopardy of cynicism. I’m sure to look at the Hope-words in despair, anger, and frustration.

And so, my heart–full-to-the-brim, is reminded of this truth. Hope-words lead me back to the Hope-Way, The Way.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life…” (John 14:6)

There’s much going on in my heart, yet silent treasures is what God is asking of me. Can I ponder and treasure these things in my heart, without feeling the need for affirmation, approval, and pats on the back? Can I treasure these moments, just God and I. Quiet in the middle of a noisy, self-exalting world.

I don’t have specific encouragement for you today. I don’t even have fancy Hope-words. But I do have a Hope-Way, The Way… and when you get there, you, too, will be able to dwell in the quiet!




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  1. missmae1992 says:

    Thankful for how you always openly share your heart – my heart has been kind of in the same place lately, and it makes it hard to know what I should write and what I should just keep.

    • missmae, believe it or not, it’s been a long journey for me… this whole sharing my heart thing. I truly believe we have a responsibility with how we voice our thoughts and opinions. There are times when the quiet has to do with lots of sorting out to do. It’s especially important that I don’t use this space to vent and leave others in confusion. Those are the times when I wait for God’s direction, answers, and clarity. Only then can I use my life to encourage out of a place that will lift people up, rather than leave them worse off. But then there are times when the quiet is because of those silent treasures… blessings God wants me to delight in with Him. He has to be enough.

      Praying God would lead you and guide you in how and when to open your heart online 🙂

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