The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming


We’re jumping into Sally and Sarah Clarkson’s new book, The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming If you’re already familiar with Sally’s work, I don’t have to convince you further. You know what you’re in for. If you’re new to her work though, I can assure you of this– You will leave the pages of this book feeling inspired, refreshed, and renewed on your journey of cultivating and creating a place of belonging.

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I hope you’re ready for the ride, because it’s going to be filled with encouragement, insight, and God-inspired wisdom.

Book Club Thursdays  Will Run:

For 16 weeks, on Thursdays, February 11th, 2016 – May 26th, 2016. Though you’re welcome to read through the book at your own pace, I’ve found that taking a week for each chapter provides me sufficient time to chew the information slowly, pray about it, and seek God’s direction for our family.

I’ll post about the chapters for the week and open up the discussion in the comments.

Tools & Resources:

What Can We Expect?

I will update and archive posts here.

Part One: Thinking about Home

Part Two: Seasons of Home

For Fun:

Here’s an invitation from Sally you don’t want to miss: “On February 9, we will host a live book launch party! You are cordially invited to join us as we host a FREE e-party replete with recipes, shared traditions, and fun around the table. Come sign up!


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