The Little {Big} Encourager

It’s been the same since she was little. I’m almost sure God set her in my life as an agent of encouragement on days when I barely could muster up the strength and energy to pull out a smile.


There have been mornings when I’m ready to shower and there’s a knock on the door, “Mommy, please, I can’t wait. I have to go to the bathroom right now!” And I wonder how it’s possible for everyone to have to use the bathroom right when I’m going to shower. She finishes and I remind her to wash her hands.

While she’s washing her hands I take her ponytail holder off and redo the ponytail in an effort to tame the wild hair. She looks at me in the mirror, “I am so happy to have you as my mom!” She smiles. My heart melts some. Back to bed she goes. It’s too early to wake up yet.


On weeks such at these, when my body hasn’t recovered from our two-week hospital stay, getting up and taking the next step is difficult. Sometimes I’m just praying, “Lord, give me your strength, your grace, and your smile- because I just don’t have it in me to get through this day.”

I’m so tired my patience runs low quickly. My organization and cleaning abilities seem futile. And showing up to homeschool… let’s just say that takes Divine intervention!

But then this smile.


And every so often, notes like these…


And end of the day hugs and kisses, “You are the best mommy in the whole world!”

And her prayers thanking God “for the most wonderfullest, wonderfullest, wonderfullest, wonderfullest, wonderfullest….. mommy in the whole entire world!” 

All the while, I barely had the energy for one more story or one more goodnight kiss. She thanks me for my prayers. She thanks me for hugs and kisses. She thanks me for story times. She encourages, encourages, encourages.

Looking at this girl, I’m certain God uses her as an agent of encouragement in my life. She’s my little {big} encourager!

I’m amazed at how God takes my small efforts and multiplies them in her eyes and heart. The work of the Holy Spirit… who can comprehend it?!

* * *

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