{The Resolution for Women} Purposefully Feminine, Part 2 (book study)

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This week’s topic was {Purposefully Feminine}. Priscila Shirer describes is as the battle which has “raged for centuries within the hearts of women.” For centuries women have fought for their ‘rights’. Yet this struggle for rights has robbed them of their design and purpose in Christ. In Christ, we were made free (John 8:32). Understanding our biblically feminine role does not enslave us. Rather it frees us to walk in our ordained roles in Christ.

You, God’s woman, are designed both strong and vulnerable. Powerful yet tender. More than able yet willing to yield. You are smart, wise, capable, equal in worth, and secure in yourself as you relate to others yet content in your God-given role. You are a paradox- a potent mixture that surprised with your controlled energy, who inspires and entices by your mysterious grace, whose lifestyle causes others to reconsider and refocus their presuppositions, drawing them toward the God who makes a woman so rich, deep, and captivating. 

So purposefully feminine.                                            (p.35)

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