The Rhythm of Celebration {Book Club Thursdays}

We’re reading through  Sally Clarkson’s, The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming (affil. link).

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Chapter 16: The Rhythm of Celebration, Seasons of Rejoicing in Family Life (Sarah)

Last December my husband was laid off two weeks before Christmas. New Year rolled in, celebrating was difficult. February and March rolled in and we lost two precious family members. March brought sickness and family knocked out by the stomach virus. Easter rolled in and we felt torn, broken, sick, and in much need of our Savior’s resurrection power.

Sarah writes about the rhythm of celebration and I find myself looking at the many beautiful spaces in life that breathe hope and joy into our weary souls. Oh how I’ve longed for those spaces in which beauty overpowers chaos, peace is stronger than distress, and love conquers all. Perhaps we’re all seeking these… because we’re homesick maybe. Hearts tied to a  far off, yet oh-so-very-close place.

My heart longs for some of that “on earth as it is in heaven” right here in my small space.

Could it be that creating this life-giving home has nothing to do with all the ‘this side of heaven’ things we imagine it to be? Rather, we live into the Lord’s Prayer and our homes becomes portals through which the kingdom of God moves, advances, and spill out powerfully, wondrously, beautifully!

God, right here, in us, with us, for us–lifting us up on wings like eagles, through the difficult seasons, through the grief, through the sickness and brokenness.

Creating rhythms of celebration remind us of the eternal celebrations our souls seem to hint of. Coming from a difficult season, these words inspire me to create those rhythms of celebration as I move forward.

 “We need celebration because we need to remember the eternal. Adults as well as children need an occasional space in which to vividly picture and embody as much delight and laughter and song as they can because those lived realities allow them hope in what they cannot yet imagine, in the new heavens and new earth. We need high and holy days in which to remember the ultimate facts of our faith and history, to in some way english the glorious reality of our hope.


Just like that, we’ve come to the end of this beautiful book. Week-by-week, we’ve sorted through ideas on how we can create a life-giving home, a place of becoming and belonging. We’ve talked about creating a framework for home, about the art of the ordinary, and engaging in God’s story. We’ve looked at days to commemorate and celebratecreating times of delight and play, and we’ve talked about engaging with story and history.

We’ve looked at the story of ‘us’ and how we can shape and celebrate family culture. And we’ve leaned in when seasons change as we gather in for ‘home’ and ‘soul’. We’ve talked about serving within our walls, being a place of grace, gratitude, and generosity, and creating rhythms of celebration.

My prayer is that you’ve been inspired to create a life-giving home, one where all who enter find a place of belonging and becoming!

“Home is a place in which we picture, day after ordinary day, the fact that love will endure, that grief will be healed, that joy, one day, will last forever and celebration will never end.”


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