{They’re Listening & Checklist For Life: Coming Back}

School has begun. My son came home from school and he seemed so excited. He’s in 8th grade now. Boy, how time flies!

The evening before school started, my son and I were having a talk about the upcoming school year. We talked about choices. About the importance of every decision he makes in 8th grade as it pertains to preparation for High School. We talked about College and about goals and dreams.

I was quite surprised when he came in from school and one of the first things he said was, “I made good choices today.

We talked about those ‘good choices’ and I told him how proud I was.

I am learning that even when I don’t think they’re listening, they are.

Even when I don’t think they’re watching, they are.

Mom. Dad. Don’t stop sharing. Don’t stop talking. Don’t stop sowing into your children. You ARE making a difference. Whether you think so, or not.

Checklist For Life Continues…

In addition, to help with this sensitive time in the life of our teens, I will be continuing the Checklist For Life: For Teens Book Study. The past year brought so many challenges (including 2 hospitalizations), we weren’t able to stick to this book. We had to jump off as our studies took us in different areas.

In an effort to be more consistent with my own boys (now that school has started), we will be doing our book study on Mondays and I will have them posted here on {In Pursuit} by Thursdays.

We’ve already gone through the following lessons.

  • Mirror, Mirror (Self-acceptance)
  • Things Fall Apart (Loss)
  • Exclusive Offer (Cliques)
  • Loose Lips (Gossip)
  • Zero Tolerance (Accepting Others)
  • Admitting You’re Wrong (Pride)
  • The Envelope, Please (Success)
  • Choosing Friends (Values)

If you’re new to the blog, you can view all past lessons here ->Feel free to go back and review and download the FREE Scripture Cards for each week. then meet us here next Thursday for “Why Me? (Purpose)”.

 Hope you can join us…
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