Tick. Tick. Tick. {But God…}

This is what life looks like when you’re sitting in a hospital room. Seconds turning into minutes, minutes turning into hours, hours turning into days, days turning into weeks… time just keeps moving forward.


Having our world stand still can be so difficult. Especially true, when looking out of your window you notice everyone else is still moving.

Why is everyone still moving?

Why isn’t everyone standing still?

Surely it wouldn’t be much to ask that everyone stop all the commotion and render a moment of silence, acknowledging that my world has stopped moving?

Time continues to advance; yet here within the four walls of my situation, I am at a standstill- unable to move.

Ever Been Here?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock… still in the same place.

What if we ceased to operate according to the movement of an analog clock, whose hands promise movement yet fail to deliver one to a different place?

What if we began to operate in ‘kairos’ time? That right and opportune God-moment, which thrusts us to our place of purpose?

Not Sure It’s Possible?

Sunday morning, I sat on the stiff, green sofa, which has become my ‘space’ during my son’s hospitalization. I set up my laptop to Live-Stream our Sunday service, put on the headphones, and pressed play.

My son had fallen asleep. The nurses, who constantly interrupt our day, were nowhere to be found.

Sitting, knees propped up, I lean in and see my church family worshiping and praising. How I miss being in the fellowship of believers! I join my family in spirit, and I soak in the fresh bread coming forth from my Pastor’s mouth.

Stuck between the seed and the harvest… an appropriate message title for my current situation. It’s the place between the seed you’ve sown and the harvest promised. It’s a place of quiet. A place of seemingly little activity. It’s a place where doubt tries to creep in and rob us of our joy and peace.

Ever been there? 

And as my Pastor finishes up her sermon, the Lord leads her, “Jason, come here.

I lean in closer. That’s my husband she’s calling. That’s my husband walking up to the altar.

All of a sudden, prayers are being released for my son and I. Though we are miles apart, God’s Presence fills this very room. I am at a loss for words. Overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness, and the love of my church family, I am moved to tears.

jason and men

Right before my very eyes, without absolutely any effort on my behalf, a miracle was unfolding.

And as the analog clock kept tick, tick, ticking away, a holy silence filled this room. The hands of the analog clock stopped their mocking.

Here, stuck between these four walls, with nowhere to physically go- I step into God’s ‘kairos’ time.

God was moving, advancement was occurring… Tick. Tick. Tick. But God!

Today’s Challenge:

  • When it comes to family life, unexpected events will come up. How do you handle difficult, high-stress situations?
  • Have you, or do you, feel stuck? Why?
  • Do you believe God is able to do in a moment, what you are unable to do in a lifetime?
  • Are you willing to be still, and know He is God? (Psalm 46:10)?
  • How can you use what you have learned in your time of testing, to be an encouragement to others in the Body of Christ?



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  1. Rachel says:

    Here I am re-living that very moment you narrate. .. the presence of God was so heavy, all I could do was pray in the Holy Spirit and heavy tears after tears just kept flowing. You are right, a miracle was unfolding. God is still a miracle working God!

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