Truth and Grace


We’re reading through the book of Matthew when my 9-year-old stops mid-paragraph, “Hmmm, Jesus has some really good sayings!”

She’s struck by the way His words cut right through the facades. He slices through the wrong motives with accuracy. He targets the source of the opposer’s discontent, anger, and bitterness. He sees the jealousy and rebellion even when it comes in disguise. He cuts right to the chase. He doesn’t waste time trying to sort through their tangled webs. He will not be caught in their traps. He doesn’t succumb to their incessant trials and puzzles. He simply walks in truth and grace. Always.

“I don’t mean to say Jesus is making excuses,” she continues.

She’s thinking, trying to put into words what her little heart has already understood as she read.

“But it’s like if the Pharisees always want to trap Jesus, but He always says the right thing…”

“He always has a response?” I ask.

“Yes, it’s like if Jesus says,” she crosses her hands and gives a smirk like, I see you coming

“It’s like if He says, ‘Oh really?!’ And then He gives it to them. And they try again with something else, but Jesus always has a really good response. And they keep on until they realize they can’t get Him.”

I smile. I understand.

“Truth, honey. Jesus always speaks with truth.”

She loves how Jesus does that. I see it in her smile. Her eyes sparkle as though she just found some hidden treasure. She looks down at the Bible in front her. She’s ready to hear more of what Jesus has to say to the religious people.  And so, we keep reading.

Truth, found between the pages of God’s word, understandable to babes. It’s not that difficult, I suppose. We simply must be willing to sit before God’s word in humility. With faith like a child. When we sit there with such posture, it all becomes clear. We see the dishonesty and entanglement of the human heart. And we see the truth, beauty, and virtue of Jesus’ heart. We see His words for what they are. Truth and grace.

Truth and Grace. Renewing us. Reviving us. Correcting us. Rebuking us.

Truth and Grace. Instructing us. Teaching us. Training us in righteousness.

Truth and Grace. Because Jesus always has the response.

Truth and Grace. And so, we smile.

We delight ourselves in the treasure hidden right before us!


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