Turn on the Light {Watch the Darkness Dissipate}

Stepping out of my car, I could feel the heaviness. He pushed back the opaque veil and I was able to glimpse the darkness and oppression of it all. Everything was so clear, so-in-my-face. Why hadn’t I seen or felt it before?

Oh, Lord. Shine Your light.

With those words, I walked up the steps to my door, turned the key, and walked into the sanctuary of my home.


Just the day before, during our morning devotional time, I was telling the kids about the wisdom that comes when we build our house on the Rock. I told them about the foolish man who in his haste built his home on the sand and when the storm came, his house–unable to stand–came tumbling down.

“And Jesus goes on to say, “Lean in and listen carefully. Because whoever hears these words I’m saying and does them, He is like that wise man building on the Rock. He’s able to stand in the midst of the storm because He’s founded on the Rock. But if you hear these words I’m saying and choose not to do them, you’re like the foolish man. And great will be your fall.”

Whoever hears these words… whoever hears these words…

All of a sudden I wanted to know what are ‘these words’ that are going to help me build my house on the Rock. Sure, build your life on Jesus. Sure, follow the commandments. Do what is right. But what specific ‘words’ is Jesus referring to?

The story of building your house on the rock or sand was at the end of what we call the Sermon on the Mount. Beginning in Chapter 5 of Matthew and running through to Chapter 7, Jesus teaches the disciples and the multitudes how to live a firm and unyielding life. He equips them with truths which will enable them to live resolute and unwavering lives in the midst of turbulent times.

And so, I begin there–the same place where Jesus, seeing the multitudes, goes up on a mountain and sits. I begin there–the same place where the disciples, seeing him sit down, come to Him to hear what He has to say. I lean in close. I want to know the words that will enable me to build my house on the rock. I scratch them on a notepad…

‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ I write out the first 11 verses and I read them over and over. I carry that notepad around the house with me because ‘these words’ are a small part of the building materials Jesus gave me. I wash the dishes and I repeat them over and over. I comb my hair, get ready for the day, and I read them over and over. I make breakfast, and I let these life-giving words get deep into my heart.

Because darkness is simply the absence of light.  On a different occasion, Jesus tells the crowd, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life,” (John 8:12). 

You want to see the darkness dissipate? Want to see the shadows flee and lose their choke on you? Want to see gloom and despair, oppression and evil pushed back? Turn on the Light. He is the Light of the world. When we follow, He promises we will not walk in darkness. He promises we will have the light of life.

Sure, I know things look a bit chaotic and dark around you. I know watching the news leaves you feeling like an elephant has plunged its load on your chest. I know your heart is heavy and your mind unable to rest… Turn on the Light.

You don’t have to walk in darkness.

Lean in closely. He’s given you the answers already. Incline your ears, then your heart to His instruction. Follow. Build your house on the rock and when the storms of life come–because they will come–you’ll be safe on the Rock. Turn on the Light and watch darkness dissipate!

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