We Have This One Hope, One Anchor

“Read one more, mommy, please! Read me one more chapter.”

We’re reading through the Little Pilgrim’s Progress, an adventure about a young boy’s pilgrimage to Celestial City (taken from John Bunyon’s classic).

The Little Pilgrim

She wants so badly to find out what comes next. Yet, the weight on my chest doesn’t allow me to read one more word. Luckily for me, it was already bedtime so my little one accepted, without much of a fight, that we’d read the rest tomorrow.

I prayed with her, put her to bed, and sat on the couch emotionally spent.

On my way home my newsfeed notified me that 21 of our brothers in Christ were martyred for their faith. While I was still trying to process this new information, motherhood awaited, it’s no respecter of emotions. A child awaits to be fed, requests a story read, and requires bedtime prayers and tucking in with hugs and kisses.

One minute I’m holding her and speaking words into her, the next minute I’m on the couch needing to be held and needing words spoken over me. I couldn’t get past the words I had just read to her. They weighed heavy on me. Little Faithful was on a pilgrimage with his friend Christian. They endured many tests, obstacles, and trials along their way to Celestial City. And here we were on the next chapter, Little Faithful Ends His Pilgrimage.

Oh, no, Little Faithful tired of the journey, I thought. He surely gave up and turned back…rather, I found myself with these words:

Christian wondered how it was that Faithful had become so brave. His face was pale, but he did not seem to be frightened, although the judge and the people in the court looked wicked and cruel. Christian afterward knew that the King had helped His little pilgrim and had made the timid boy brave and strong, so that he was not afraid to speak out and own that he loved his King dearly and would obey no one else.

When Faithful had spoken, the judge turned to the jury and said, “You have heard what Envy and his companions have told us about these boys, and faithful does not deny it. He will not serve our Prince, and by the laws of our city he ought to be put to death…

Poor little Christian’s mind had been so troubled by all that had happened that he scarcely understood what the jury was saying, and when the soldiers of the Wicked Prince came in and led Faithful out of the court, he wondered where they were going. In a few minutes he, too, was taken into the marketplace, and there he saw his companion in the midst of those cruel men, who were beating him and wounding him with their sharp weapons.

“Oh, Faithful! Faithful!” he cried out, but Faithful did not answer. He was looking up into the sky, and his face was shining with a beautiful light, like the face Christian’s mother had shone when he saw her in his dream.

Then Christian looked up also, and in the air just above the place where Faithful was standing, he could see a band of angels with their wings outspread, and he knew that they were waiting to carry the soul of the little pilgrim to its home in Celestial City.”

The image of the 21 brave martyred ran across my mind. Little Faithful’s boldness and courage ran across my mind. My life. My children’s future ran across my mind. Heavy-hearted, I sat on this couch trying to make sense of a world gone mad. Heavy-hearted, I sat here wondering when man became so cruel and depraved that he’d turn on his own, on humanity. At the center of it all I know the answer… sin.

And yet, above all, I know the ultimate, redemptive answer–the solution to this sin–Jesus!

Still, the heaviness of it all consumed me.

Then my sweet Sally Clarkson reminds me that it’s “what we do with these emotions that will determine if we become victims or victors in the circumstances of our lives… He who faced crucifixion, a brutal killing from his enemies, has never asked us to live in faith in a way that he has not already faced.–And yet he encouraged us to“Take courage!”  As He took courage and went to the cross amidst the greatest evil.”  She encourages this mama to look up when darkness threatens my soul.

And courage rises up. Truth emboldens me to continue on this journey.

Then as if God himself were speaking into my spirit, Ann Voskamp writes words that take my scattered emotions and remind me of His truth:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.04.21 AM

Truth anchors this soul. Peace abounds. God is Sovereign. He is in control. He is here. He’s present. And it is He whom my soul needs when the winds roar wildly and the mountains seem to fall into the sea.

The 21 brave martyred christians, the many who have gone before us, Little Faithful, me, my children… we all have this one Hope, this one Anchor. Though the earth be removed and the mountains fall into the sea, we’ll place our confidence in Him because He IS God!

© 2016 Darlene Collazo | {In Pursuit} My Quest


  1. Rachel says:

    Wow… Lord help us not forget those who have sacrificed their lives because they chose to live for you!

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