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We’re living {Living Life Fully Committed}. The focus right now? Our homes.

Yesterday, we were on Day 4 of Sarah Mae’s e-Book, 31 Days To Clean She takes us through Spring cleaning (or anytime cleaning) in simple manageable steps. If you missed any of the posts in this series, you can find them all {here}. Won’t you join us?

Feel free to jump in and get your copy  of the eBook {here} for only $4.99!

Won’t you join us?

We just got back from a weekend away, where we were able to attend the 27th Annual CHAP Homeschooling Convention. We had such an awesome time. After a very long and exhausting Spring, I am ready and energized to work through our 31 day cleaning challenge, close up our Kindergarten homeschooling year (still can’t believe we made it this far, doing the happy praise dance!!), and finish planning our 1st Grade year. So exciting!

If you’re just joining us, go ahead and get your eBook, you still have time to jump in. For those who are working through it with me, I will be back tomorrow with Day 9. See you then.

For now I’ve got some bags to put away and laundry to catch up on.

If you need some tips and ideas, feel free to search through our HOME MANAGEMENT archives.

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