When God Becomes Enough

It’s been a quiet summer here on the blog. Part of it has been the change in my schedule. The other part is due to the silence- that ‘God-fills-the-room-there’s-nothing-to-say-simply-be-simply-experience-Presence’ kind of silence.


Last year, our family made some necessary faith decisions. Decisions many may not have understood. Choices which seemed crazy, irreverent even. And yet, all I knew was what God was telling us in our secret conversations.

There are times when things around us become toxic. They impede growth and they do more harm than they do good. We went through a season of desperate leaning into God. Because sometimes the right decisions are so difficult to make. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone means holding on to the belief that on the other side of your decision, God is there.

With heavy hearts, unanswered questions, and much prayer we surrendered to God’s leading. On the other side of our obedience, we found freedom. On the other side of our “yes”, we found healing.  We found a God whom we knew would be there. On the other side of our faith decisions, we found a world bigger than any we’d ever known.

It’s been a year of living with eyes wide open. A year of learning what it means to allow God to complete us. We’ve watched in amazement as God has answered prayer after prayer after prayer.

Which takes me back to the silence. I’ve struggled to put into words months worth of my journey. I’ve struggled to put words to what God is doing. I mean, how can one as simple as I begin to articulate the wonders and depths of God. Though I’ve tried, I’ve found myself with that dreaded blinking cursor staring back at me.

And yet, I’ve closed the laptop and walked away with peace. Because experiencing the moment, experiencing the grace of God has been enough. He has been enough. And the fact that only He and I share this knowledge has surprisingly also been enough.

As I sit here, I’m overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness. He has been the perfect Shepherd. A true Comfort and Friend. True to His word, He’s been a Guide and a Counselor. He’s been our Joy and Peace. He’s been our Provision. Our Portion. Our All-in-all.

There’s been a lot of silence… sometimes that’s what happens when God becomes enough!

* * *

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  1. Rachel says:

    Amen! In the stillness YOU are there!

  2. Millie arce says:

    I can relate and it may seem strange but I understand exactly what you’re saying.

    • Millie, it doesn’t seem strange at all. There are things only He understands. What I love about Him is that even still He sits with us, He leads us, and He loves us ever so!!

  3. Amen!!!! I’ve encountered him like never before in the last three years and he has become enough for me too. His words and his grace have been enough. Love this post!! It’s where he has me too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. karrileea says:

    THis is so beautiful and peaceful and freeing! Leaning back in the silence in this season a bit myself… it took awhile, but I am relaxing in the quiet, in the not doing, in the unschdeuled-ness of this call to step back and slow down. This resonates deep, my friend! And yes – He is enough! Always enough!

    • Karrilee, it’s funny how things turn out when we lean into rather than run away from, eh?! I agree, “freeing” is such an appropriate word for this part of our journey! Here’s to soaking in and then pouring out… Blessings!

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