When Making Decisions…

We’re at my son’s post-operation appointment. Though the ride down here is 80 minutes too long for my liking and there’s lots of catching up to do at home, there’s also great joy and gratitude in being here.

It feels like just yesterday I was on the 5th floor of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia praying in the lounge room, pleading with God for direction. Surgery or no surgery?

When Decisions Are Necessary

Confronted with difficult choices, one weighs out the risks. Desperately wanting to make the right decisions we sit with the pros and the cons. Which decision will bring the least amount of risk as well as the best probable outcome? Am I willing to live with the possible end-results? On and on the questions fill our mind until everything becomes jumbled and we’re back where we started…

I don’t know what to do, Lord…

In life, we’ll be faced with many decisions to make. Some of them small. Some of them life-changing. All of them leading somewhere. We’ll reach forks in the roads and we’ll have to determine which way to take. We’ll reach crossroads and we’ll have to choose a direction. I mean, what is the alternative? Stay where you are? Make no decision at all? (Which in a sense is a decision in itself…)

Things don’t always wrap up nicely. Sometimes, life  demands a response, a course of action. Indecision, because of fear and uncertainty, is detrimental to our journey. We procrastinate and then fumble around making hasty last-minute decisions.

Can I encourage you to take time to do three things in the future?

When it comes to making decisions:

Stop and Breathe

Depending on the circumstance, our thoughts can run rampage. Do yourself a favor. Stop and breathe. That oxygen to the brain will do you good. Dwelling on all that floating information in your mind won’t solve a thing.


I love  Philippians 4:6-7, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus,” (NKJV)

Why not start there? Bring your situation to God.

Seek Counsel

There are times we need more information before we’re able to make an informed decision. Seek wise counsel. Gather the information. God uses people in our lives to help us see a side we may have missed. Just be sure to use discernment. Remember, this information or counsel is not the final authority. God’s word is.

Walk In Peace

When we pray, God promises us peace. A heart stilled by God’s peace is able to hear and receive direction more clearly. As God leads, make the best decision you know to make. Then rest in knowing that you’ve done all you could do. The rest is in God’s hands. I know that sounds simple. However, though it’s simple it’s not simplistic to carry out.

It takes faith to surrender your situation with its many choices, options, and possible outcomes and trust in God’s leading. How awesome to know that when we pray, God leads, and we can choose to walk in peace.

I remember that day in the hospital wondering which route made the most sense. I just wanted my son to be pain-free. I didn’t want to be responsible for making a decision that could potentially negatively alter his future. The burden was real, and it was heavy… and I didn’t know which way to go.

I stopped and I breathed deeply. I took my concern to God and I shared all my fears and worries. I even shared the frustration in having to be responsible for this big decision. Something happened in that hallway. I traded my anxieties and my questions for God’s supernatural peace. Just like that I went from frazzled and scared to fully trusting that my son was in God’s hands. We opted for surgery, and you know? I wasn’t afraid. Because I was in God’s will and I sought His direction, I was able to walk in peace.

You can too. Just stop and breathe, pray, seek wise counsel, then walk in God’s peace!

(While writing this post, we were called in by the doctor. We heard him say what we already knew. My son is a champ! Today, we walk in thanksgiving. Surgery went well. Recovery supernaturally even better.)

* * *

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