When Seasons Change {Book Club Thursday}

We’re reading through  Sally Clarkson’s, The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming (affil. link).

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Chapter 13: When Season Change, Gathering in for Home and Soul (Sarah)

When seasons change… oh, how long it took me to understand life mimics the changing seasons on earth. Had I known earlier the ebb and flows of life were normal and part of the process, I would have fought less against the falling of the leaves and the icy storms of winter. Rather, I would have been more intentional about preparing for the process, and strengthening my heart and soul for the journey.

I was reminded of this process again when winter began last year. As days grew colder, I found myself facing one difficulty after another. Top it off with a layoff at the beginning of December and you have the perfect combination for discontentment, frustration, and major irritation. January rolled in with my sister-in-law’s death. February found us in the ICU praying my cousin’s health situation would change. It didn’t (at least not the way I wanted it to). He went to be with the Lord, too. March and April rolled in and there were stomach viruses, more ER visits, and well, I was exhausted–the type of exhaustion that goes bone-deep. I wasn’t feeling myself.

Enter in another season change. Buds pop up through the hardened surface of the ground. The sky looks just a bit brighter. The strength of the sun, refusing to remain hidden in the background, breaks through the haze of gloomy winter skies. I feel it in the air. Movement. Fresh wind. Unseen action occurring all around me. Life overflowing, soon to be exposed.

This takes me back to the life-giving home and my desire to cultivate a place of becoming and belonging. My winter season was hard. If I’m honest, it was lonely, too. The type of lonely that keeps you holding on to God for dear life because you realize for the millionth time that He truly is the only One who will always be there. He’s the only One who hears the ramblings of my soul and the depths of my heart without misunderstanding my questions, my loyalty, or my devotion. He becomes, over and over, my place of refuge. The strong-tower  to which I run. My place of gathering in for peace and soul-rest. The place that beckons me to come ‘rest in the hands of the One who loves me!’


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I want my home to be that kind of place for my people. I want my home to be the kind of place where weaknesses, rawness, and realness can enter in without fear of judgment. A place where space is provided–prepared even–that others (and myself) would be able to retreat, refresh, and recuperate.

I like the way Sarah puts it, “To gather in can also mean to keep out what would compromise the life we want to create in the spaces of home,” and “The point of home is to be a refuge for the soul, a place where beauty can be encountered, truth told, goodness touched and known. It’s why home needs hush as well as bustle, silence as well as song. The point of home is to shelter lost and weary people, draw in the lonely, cover the grieved. And the point of autumn preparation is to make a place where souls can be sheltered, grown, nourished, and healed even in the bleakest of physical or spiritual winters.

Seasons change. Life changes. We change. Yet, God doesn’t. He remains the same, yesterday, today, and forevermore! I’m starting here. Resting in the hands of the One who loves me. From this place, I am better prepared to create a place of belonging, safety, and rest for others!

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Unless otherwise noted, quotes in this post are by Sarah Clarkson

Thoughts To Ponder

1.) Are you aware of the changes in seasons (physically/spiritually) and how they affect you?

2.) With the idea of cultivating a life-giving home in mind, how can you better prepare to weather the different seasons of life?

3.) Similarly, how can you better prepare to weather the different seasons of the year?


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