{Woo Hoo, We Are Back Home!}


Yesterday we said good-bye to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After two weeks of being admitted, we were extremely happy to be going back home. We made a quick stop at Kiwi’s Frozen Yogurt shop, {YUM!!!} and headed back home.

Let me just say, stepping into my house after so many days in the hospital was amazing…

{Home Sweet Home} There’s nothing like being back home.

I would love to chit chat some more, however duty awaits me.

So let me sign off by saying, Thank You. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your comments, emails, text messages, and phone calls. We were bombarded with love and we felt every bit of it!!

Okay, so I have a five year old who woke up and is now hanging on my arm. She missed me. I missed her, ever so!!! Until tomorrow…

I have a family to shower with love…

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  1. Great news!! Praise God!!

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